Coronavirus Updates – 30 Jan 2020

Holiday Extension
  • As of Today, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong, Fujian, Anhui & Chongqing has announced holiday extend to 09 Feb., 2020 and resume on 10 Feb., 2020.
  • Hubei Province government announced that holiday in Hubei Province will extend to 13 Feb., 2020 and resume on 14 Feb., 2020.
  • All customs is still keep the same plan to be resume on 03 Feb., 2020
Air Freight
  • As of today, following carriers have cancel or suspended their passenger flights in/out China.
UA: 24 Flights Canceled including to China ( including HK SAR )
CA: Canceled all flights into Shanghai and Beijing until 29 Feb., 2020
BA: Canceled all flights into China Mainland until further notice
JT: Will Cancel all flights into China Mainland from Feb., 2020 until further notice
RS: Canceled all flights into China Mainland until further notice
LH: LH including SR & OS has canceled flight with Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Qingdao & Shenyang start from 30 Jan., 2020 up to 09 Feb., 2020.
KL: Suspend the flight to Chengdu, Xiamen & Hangzhou, Reduce flight to Shanghai from 11 to 7. Beijing remained same. Said arrangement by KL will be until 29 Feb., 2020
AA: Suspend all flight between LAX to Shanghai and LAX to Beijing from 09 Feb. to 27 Mar., 2020. Remain DFW to Shanghai and Beijing as well as LAX to HKG
DL: Reduce the flight from 42 to 21 per week between US and Shanghai / Beijing.
AY: Suspend flight to Beijing from 05 Feb., and flight to Nanjing from 08 Feb., 2020 until 29 Mar., 2020. The rest of the flights are all remain unchanged.
CX: Cut down the flight between China mainland and HKG.
  • Wuhan airports are closed for all commercial flights except for medical relief charters. Other airports and terminals in China are all open and functional. There’s no impact on the daily operation for airfreight shipments and our colleagues all standby in case any urgent shipments need to arrange during the holiday.
Ocean Freight
  • All ocean ports besides Wuhan are operating as usual including Terminals, Warehouses, Container Depots, and Customs Clearances. The preventive anti-coronavirus actions are taken in all the facilities per local government guidance with the highest level compliance. Since the customs office will resume on 03 Feb., 2020. The ocean freight can be operate as normal then.
Road Transportation
  • Transportation to and from Wuhan is suspended, and most of the highways in Hubei province are closed. Very probably it will start only after 13 Feb., 2020. We will keep monitor and keep you updated.
  • Hong Kong administration decided to close off six of Hong Kong’s 14 border checkpoints. The main borders (among others Lok Ma Chau, Huanggang, Luohu and Shenzhen Bay), however, will keep open and goods traffic is not affected. Road transportation between Hong Kong and South China is functioning as usual.
  • Truck drivers will be in shortage till mid of Feb due to many drivers may be suggested to stay in their home town for a more extended​period to avoid Coronavirus infections.

In case of any further inquiries pls do not hesitate to contact your logMASter assistance.