Coronavirus Updates 10 Feb 2020

Holiday Extension
  • Although the most of the cities have announced that Today ( 10 Feb., 2020 ) will resume back to work. However, due to the situation of Wuhan coronavirus (NCP) still serious in some area, local governments have rejected the appllication of resume to work and some of the propoerty managment also make the announcement to close entire building. You could refer to attached file with an overview for the resume work situation by different cities.
  • It’s mandatory that peole from other city back to homebase need to have a 14 days quarantine. Therefore, most of the factoires and companies can’t operate 100% at current stage. A very high percentage of the labor only can start work after 14 days or they still be blokced at home town.
Air Freight
  • Same as last week, the capacity of both passenger flights and cargo freighters are still limited due to the flight cancelation from different carriers.
  • The Chinese airlines are resume step by step for both passenger and freighters. However, the market rate is going up due to the current capacity issue.
  • Charter flight is another option now in the market, but the rate will need to apply current market rate especially for the freighter to US.
Ocean Freight
  • Same as last week, shipping lines keep reduce the frequency of vessels in/out China. We will close monitor the space situation and pls always contact with our local office for detail arrangement.
Road Transportation
  • Most of cities in Jiangsu & Zhejiang Province not allow the truck registered in other city to get into their territory consider about the risk management. Meanwhile, due to shortage of truck drivers, the road transportation status can’t be resume within this week. Pls always prepare longer time for road transportation.
  • Pls refer to attached excel file for an overview regarding the road transportation status.
China Europe Train Service
  • All China Europe Block Train be Suspended until 19 Feb., 2020 gradually. In short term after said service resumed, the space will be very tight. If you customer need this service in Feb and Mar, pls consult with our China Europe Train Service Team in advance.